Miriam Balance

A Journey to Equilibrium


Like most anyone living this human experience, I am an explorer of mind, body and soul in myself and others through every interaction I have the pleasure to experience.
My artistic and athletic journey form a huge part of who I have become and how I am still developping as a handstand and circus teacher, performer and human being.


Born and raised in Germany to a Portuguese-German couple of neo-shamans, my life has never quite been ordinary, but everything changed when I literally ran away to join the circus at the (comparatively) ripe age of 21, escaping marriage and a university degree by a hair’s breadth.

Having never been sufficiently flexible to do any kind of splits, athletic or brave enough to perform inversions, gymnastic feats or other demonstrations of sporting prowess, I joined Spark! Circus mainly as a fire performer back in 2014, meeting professional circus artists who inspired me to take up full-time training, first at the Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona and later at Aircraft Circus Academy in London where I learned the basics of many classical circus disciplines such as aerial acrobatics (silks, static and flying trapeze, corde lisse, chinese pole) and groundbased activities such as object manipulation, basic tumbling and of course handbalancing, which I further developped at the DOCH School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm during a full-time programme as well as throughout many workshops with renowned artists and performers.

I fell in love with handbalancing somewhere between falling out of a handstand from height, thereby scraping the skin off both my shins, and the first moments of brief balance, looking at a focus point between my hands and finding my mind in complete, stunning silence – in peace.
I have since improved (a little), learned (a lot), taught (a fair bit in a handful of countries) and fallen deeper in love with my practice.


The road less travelled
Through the ups and downs of life, various struggles with many an aspect of my physical body and a great deal of instability, handstands and balancing have remained one of my great passions and a pillar of who I am in terms of movement, philosophy and self-development.
When I found myself in a position where I had to leave a great deal of my material assets behind some five years ago, keeping my handstand blocks was a no-brainer and to this day, the two humble wooden blocks with some rubber on the bottom are one of my most valued possessions.

My love for handbalancing has lead me to many extraordinary encounters and challenges that have helped me grow and are still forcing me to face and exercise* my demons every day, forging a stronger connection between mind and body than I have previously deemed possible, expanding the limits of both in the process.

* It’s a pun, not a typo, smarty pants.


My relatively late start and lack of prior gymnastics training as well as a great deal of initial fear have given me the opportunity to learn – and thus teach – from a very analytical point of view and help others overcome common fears and mental limitations step by step.

I currently teach primarily in Münster, Germany, where I live and study the human body and its incredible potential.