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A Journey to Equilibrium


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On the Multi-Dimensionality of Progress (or why you shouldn’t feel bad that you probably haven’t got all of your shit together all of the time)

It is a well-known and often quoted fact that progress isn’t linear; but let’s not forget that it isn’t one-dimensional, either. As my life, horizon and physical practice are wildly expanding, contracting, imploding and blowing my mind these days, I am realising – and oddly, Read more…

Conscious Movement Practice: On Unfucking Your Mind, Body and Soul

As the world outside stands a little stiller than usual and I find some reprieve from the constant pressure, I am stretching and moving and reconnecting with parts of myself that have lain dormant for a while.Nowadays, when I’m training, I am finally taking the Read more…

Encounters on the Road to Balance II: Body Poetry, Hot Chocolate and Connecting the Dots of Life

Leaving Prague feeling a little bit lighter than I had arrived less than a week prior, I was en route to Nomadway‘s tiers lieu (French: coworking space) Homade for a project called Body Poetry! As a movement artist, the name alone called out to me. Read more…