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On the Multi-Dimensionality of Progress (or why you shouldn’t feel bad that you probably haven’t got all of your shit together all of the time)

It is a well-known and often quoted fact that progress isn’t linear; but let’s not forget that it isn’t one-dimensional, either. As my life, horizon and physical practice are wildly expanding, contracting, imploding and blowing my mind these days, I am realising – and oddly, Read more…

Trust the Process

Quite a few years ago, a girl I knew back then told me about the intriguing concept of “retox-days” – you know, the kind of day where you crash off the band wagon without any reservations just to jump back on the next day with Read more…

Beauty on hands – why giving up on my dreams was the most liberating thing I did in the last six months

If you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders – invert. Drop it all and instead, just carry yourself. Let your strong hands carry this body, your home for the time you spend here, carry it tall and carry it proud. Look at Read more…