Miriam Balance

Train with your body, not against it.

Workshops, Coaching and Events

For a recent list of all upcoming workshops and events, please consult my Facebook Page if there are no current workshops listed here.

I offer workshops and individual coaching sessions from 1-3 hours (shorter durations for recurring events, longer duration for one-off group-workshops) for complete beginners and intermediate practitioners (freestanding handstand required).
Group sessions include a warm-up, relevant stretches, wrist and shoulder strengthening exercises as well as alignment work in head- and handstand as well as of course any moral support required for those who are afraid to find themselves upside down.

For intermediate practitioners, it is possible to further work on presses, transitions, sequences and other movements (progression to one arm, crocodile, backbends, etc.)

If you wish to book a personalised coaching session for an individual or a very small group, invite me to do give a workshop at your studio, or perform a circus act at your event, please contact me directly for quotes, space requirements and further information.